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Meghan performed at our wedding at Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara. It was a beautiful event that was made even more special by Meg's playing of "Over the Rainbow" with her Ukulele. Meg is a talented musician with a great voice - I could not recommend her enough!  --Briggs, Entrepreneur 

Our granddaughter has been taking ukulele lessons from Meghan for the past year.  It has opened up a whole new world for her.  Not only does Cameron now play, sing and perform, but Meghan has taught her confidence, poise and a sense of purpose in performing in front of an audience.  A teacher is someone who helps others acquire knowledge, competencies and values.  We are so grateful that Meghan is that kind of teacher!!

--Sandy, Restauranteur 

Meghan is a treat to work with. I decided to learn the ukulele later in life. Originally, I wanted to play for my own enjoyment, but changed my goal to being able to play for my elementary school students during song time. Meghan has been willing to adjust lessons to help me reach my goals. She takes my lead with what I want to learn on a given week, but when I don’t know what direction to head in, she has a plan so our time is always productive. Most importantly, Meghan is fun. I enjoy her company and look forward to spending time with her.

--Marcy, Preschool Teacher

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